* humane /hjʊˈmeɪn/ 1.Having or showing compassion or benevolence; 1.1. Inflicting the minimum of pain; 2. Formal (of a branch of learning) intended to have a civilizing effect on people

Stella McCartney's brand approached the Material Futures course asking to propose objects and systems for their brand that could work in a more circular way.


'Humane made fur' tries to envision the creation of material that could respect animals (by not being obtained from animal skin) , nature (by substituting the plastic used for the faux fur), and workers (by creating a less harmful working environment).


To do so in line with McCartney's brand values - respect for animals/nature/people - the "skin" is made from Kombucha SCOBY, and the hairs are made of hemp fibers. Fundamental was also the possibility of having raw materials from cultivations with relative low initial cost and impact, so that the creation of new business could be easier.

fur /fəː/ Probably from Old French forrer, fourrer “cover with fur, line (clothing),”in general “to cover, fill with,” from fuerre “sheath, scabbard” (via notion of“covering”)